East Bierley Village Preservation Society are pleased to announce that after discussions between themselves, Mr Tom Owen (a local businessman and resident of the village) and Kirklees council, funds have been secured to Restore the village pond and surrounding areas back to their original form
The work will involve dredging the silt and removal off site. Re-forming the islands back to their original size, and to dig a deeper section if the clay base will allow. These measures should allow for better water management.
The current planted areas (mostly weeds) are to be removed and re-planted with low maintenance shrubs and herbaceous plant, funding for this is to be provided by Mr Owens. Planting and maintenance will be by the Preservation Society who will be asking for volunteers when the time arrives so spades at the ready.
This work is the latest in a list of improvements the Preservation Society has undertaken recently including The Village Signs (along with Mr Owens) Parking bollards along Bierley Marsh, Daffodil Planting on the green, Tree maintenance and of course the Christmas Lights (appeal still ongoing) All to make the Village environment a better place.
A start date for the work on the pond will be announced in a few weeks.
Don’t forget this is your village. If you can help in any way please get in touch.