East Bierley Village Preservation Society are proud to announce that for the second year running, the Village will be awarded the prestigious Green Flag Community Award.!

“The Green Flag Award scheme recognises well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and the World.”
This National Award is run in conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy and it is presented to the whole community of East Bierley in recognition for their tireless work in maintaining open green spaces for all to enjoy.

“Special attention is drawn to the work of the members of the Preservation Society and their efforts in working with residents and supporters creating a village to be proud of” The society would like to thank each and everyone who has contributed to this work and who has helped to maintain a clean and safe environment, long may it continue.”

Commenting on East Bierley Village’s success, Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton OBE said: “This year, more than ever, our parks and green spaces have been a lifeline and we know that millions of people have used them to relax, meet friends, exercise or simply escape for a short time.
“It is testament to the incredible dedication and hard work of parks staff and volunteers that, despite the challenges that went along with record numbers of visitors, East Bierley Village has achieved the highest international standards demanded by the Green Flag Award.”

Rodney Holroyd Dept. Chair of the Village Preservation Society said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive a Green Flag Award for the second time! We know how much quality green spaces matter to residents and visitors, especially during this strange time that we find ourselves in at the moment! This award celebrates the dedication and passion that goes into maintaining the village to such a high standard. We would like to dedicate this award to the whole community of East Bierley for the second year running!”