The Manor of Hunsworth can be traced back to at least William the Conqueror’s time. Ilbert de Lacy was put in charge of most of the West Riding in the 11th century including the Manor of Hunsworth. Eventually the Manor of Hunsworth came under the control of the Saviles and the hamlet of East Bierley was part of the manor. In 1932 the Savile Estate put up for sale almost all of East Bierley including the farms, cricket ground and the New Inn. The tenants were given the chance to buy the freehold

The Society was formed in 1970’S. Its objectives are

  1. to preserve and improve the village of East Bierley
  2. to maintain the green belt area around the village ensuring the continuance of the village identity
  3. to create and maintain a representative committee of villagers to uphold 1 and 2.

The Society has close contact with our Ward Councillors on Kirklees Council. It is registered with Kirklees Access, so that we can apply for grants. These are normally only available if they are matched by support from the village.

The Society monitors planning applications, footpaths, the state of roads and grass areas.

The Society’s income is from events put on, donations, sponsorship and occasional grants.

Best kept village 1994.

Projects we have worked on:-

  • Remembrance Garden 80 new roses.
  • Repairs to walls and seat.
  • Village pond.
    • Working with Kirklees on the renovation of the pond and surrounding area.
  • Ongoing.
    • School green.  New trees. Renovation of two benches by Jubilee tree.
    • Putting in posts alongside Bierley Marsh to keep cars off the grass.
  • Green.
    • Cleaning and preserving the benches.
  • Christmas lights. Paying for the annual Christmas lights and arranging for the switch on e.g. Father Christmas and band